Erin Siefring 

Hilltop Advocacy

For the last 16 years, Erin has been a leader in Republican policy and politics in Washington, DC. 

Before leading Hilltop Advocacy, Erin was chief of staff for a prominent conservative member of the House. She has worked in the executive and legislative branches and has state political experience. 

As a House chief of staff, Erin was responsible for managing a seven figure office budget, hiring and leading staff, and designing and executing a legislative agenda. In that capacity, Erin communicated with senior House leadership and committee staff. 

Prior to her work as chief of staff, Erin served as director of House relations for the Heritage Foundation. She was then selected by Heritage Foundation leadership to help launch Heritage Action for America (HAFA), one of the most innovative and effective 501(c)4 conservative organizations in the United States. As director of House relations for HAFA, Erin has been at the center of and helped influence the outcome of significant policy battles including: repealing Obamacare, pushing back on the Farm Bill in 2013, and fighting for conservative fiscal and programmatic reforms in the federal government. She frequently communicated with House leadership, members, and staff. 

Before joining HAFA, Erin was legislative director to a prominent House member who served on the House Financial Services Committee. In that role, Erin helped shape and execute the congressman’s legislative agenda and managed his legislative portfolio. She also staffed the congressman’s committee assignment. In that capacity, Erin developed an in depth knowledge of the financial services industry, including banking, securities and exchanges, insurance, and housing matters. She was engaged in TARP, flood insurance reform, and terrorism insurance, among other issues before the committee.

Erin worked as acting finance director of the California Republican Party. She managed staff, was responsible for leading the party’s fundraising efforts, and interacting with major donors. Erin worked with county party leaders and candidates for federal and state wide office. 

Erin’s career began when she worked on the social conservative coalition team of the 2000 Bush campaign in Austin, Texas. She went on to work on the historic Florida recount in Palm Beach and Miami. Erin was then charged with overseeing the master calendar at the Inaugural Committee for the 2001 Presidential Inauguration. She received an appointment to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to work for the Secretary on Intergovernmental Relations and Operations under Secretary Mel Martinez.

Education: B.A., University of Maryland.